Regarding the June 6 news story “White House doubts sincerity of GOP’s student-loan offer”:

The biased headline underscored the need for The Post to strive for political neutrality. The headline differed little from this hypothetical: “Republican denies he is still beating his wife.”

In the student loan story, a headline biased in the other direction might have read “GOP criticizes ‘surreal’ White House position.”

How about striving for neutrality, in this case with: “GOP and White House again differ on how to pay for student loan subsidy.”

Gerald Chandler, Alexandria

One of your headlines on the June 6 front-page story about Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) winning his recall election read: “Long lines and a close vote.”

Since when is it a “close vote” when someone wins an election by seven percentage points?

David M. Leahy, Washington

Regarding the June 6 front-page headline “Wis. governor Walker survives recall election”:

“Survives” left the impression that Gov. Scott Walker barely edged his opponent. A split of 53 percent to 46 percent is more than surviving.

Robert Andrews, Washington