I am incensed at the number of news articles about how Bill and Hillary Clinton got rich. They didn’t lay people off. They didn’t pollute the environment to create profits for shareholders. They didn’t hide their money in offshore accounts. They didn’t deny their fellow citizens health care, increase taxes on others less fortunate or create unsafe products to maximize their wealth. Their success was and continues to be based on their own talents, resilience and commitment to serving their country.

Making money is not a sin; it’s something to which we all aspire in a capitalist country. It should be celebrated instead of denigrated.

Jane Knaus, Rehoboth Beach, Del.

I am more than a little fed up with this “class war.” The latest comments were made in the Free for All letter “A most exclusive pool” [June 28]. I really don’t care that someone is able to build a million-dollar pool. I wish I could. I also wish I drove a Porsche. I am sure someone out there would love to drive my 2008 Sable instead of his 2000 jalopy that leaks oil.

We all want something better for ourselves and strive to attain it. And if you are able to, then good for you. That is what free enterprise and capitalism are all about. We are all “haves,” and we are all “have nots.” I will always dream of being a “have” (maybe by winning the lottery). But, really, isn’t the best “have” of all just being happy?

Mary Marsico, Port Republic, Md.