Bill Nye the Science Guy in Washington on April 21. (Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post)

Bill Nye was quoted in the April 24 Style article “ ‘Science’ is in this guy’s name” as saying, “Somewhere along the way, there has developed this idea that if you believe something hard enough, it’s as true as things discovered through the process of science. And I will say that’s objectively wrong.”

That’s an interesting statement in light of Nye’s making objectively wrong conclusions about the science in the so-called Deflategate scandal, followed by his cheer of “Go Seahawks!” Neil deGrasse Tyson acknowledged his own error at the time, but Nye never apologized or retracted his statements, even after many scientists (including MIT professor John Leonard in a video available online) corrected Nye’s faulty conclusions and debunked Deflategate through the use of real science: experiments and scientific formulas.

Andrew Cooper, Washington

Nowhere in the very interesting article on Bill Nye was it mentioned that he grew up in Washington. Indeed, the reference to his first jobs in Seattle suggested he was from the other Washington rather than the District. The Post may be a national paper, but it is also a local one and should emphasize connections with the District.

Nye graduated from Lafayette Elementary School and Alice Deal Junior High (now Middle School) before attending Sidwell Friends for high school on a scholarship.

Maryanne B. Kendall, Reston