E.J. Dionne Jr. was right: Unless we step up our game, the 2020 election could be a disaster for our increasingly fragile democracy [“The last thing we need is a disastrous Election Day,” op-ed, June 8]. That’s why the $3.6 billion included in the House-passed Heroes Act is essential. These funds are desperately needed to expand voting by mail and provide state and local officials with updated technology and resources. We cannot afford an election in which the results are disputed because members of disadvantaged communities were turned away at the polls or did not have their votes properly counted.

Many corporations are using ads and social media to denounce racism. In the coming weeks, we will challenge these companies to use their power and influence to protect our right to vote. Black Lives Matter — and black votes also matter.

Wendy Fields, Washington

The writer is executive director of the Democracy Initiative.

Regarding Eugene Robinson’s June 9 op-ed, “Democrats, get out the vote and go for the win”: 

Mr. Robinson was dead-on with what Democrats need to do to win the 2020 presidential election. Perhaps we should update the admonishment “Don’t complain if you didn’t vote,” used on people who carp about how messed up society is when they themselves did not bother to vote. Let the thousands of folks who turned out for George Floyd know that their well-intentioned street protests are secondary to voting.  The new battle cry should be “Don’t march if you’re not going to vote.” 

The huge demonstrations have incentivized the opposition to pledge to vote. So if the marchers don’t actually vote, their efforts will result in a net loss in the November elections.

Ray J. Lum, Arlington