Views of the Chickahominy River as seen from the bridge at the Chickahominy Riverfront Park in Charles City County. (Timothy C. Wright/For The Washington Post)

I am stunned that Dorothy A. Canter of Bethesda — far away from the rolling blackouts that could affect more than half a million of us who live and work on the Virginia Peninsula — would write a letter to oppose a plan to keep our lights on [“Don’t let Dominion degrade the Old Dominion,” Oct. 4].

I, too, value culture, history and the economic advantages of tourism. I also know where this power line is going to be located, and it won’t hurt any of those things. What would hurt tourism is having no electricity. It’s not just the inconvenience, but also the concerns it would raise about public safety, life-or-death medical procedures and national security.

History and progress can stand side by side, which is exactly why Captain John Smith came to America.

Jeff Green, Hampton, Va.