Regarding the March 2 Local Digest item “Suit seeks removal of Bladensburg cross”:

Without a doubt the Peace Cross, as it is known, is one of the most magnificent memorials in the Washington area dedicated to those who have fallen in war. The Peace Cross is, of course, a cross, but it is more than a religious symbol. It is a magnificent reminder of the peace for which 49 Prince George’s County men gave their lives.

Since its dedication in 1925, it has become part of the cultural foundation and unity of all people. To remove it would be a travesty.

This would be as blatant an act of religious destruction as the Taliban’s demolition in Afghanistan of two of the largest Buddhas in the world.

Richard H. and Joan S. Schmidt, Bowie

I oppose this ridiculous suit. When I grew up in Cheverly during the 1950s, this was a wonderful landmark. To me and many others, the Memorial Peace Cross has more to do with peace, which we need more than ever, and it was of great significance when giving directions to others. Plaintiff Steven Lowe doesn’t even live in Maryland.

Nancy Green, Odenton