Regarding the March 1 Metro story “Abortion debate entering into governor’s race”:

Del. Jennifer L. McClellan (D-Richmond) stated, “If Ken Cuccinelli winds up in the governor’s mansion, Virginia families and women will pay the price.”

As the mother of a daughter, I am insulted by the “war on women” theme perpetrated by Democrats in an attempt to divide Americans. If Democrats are so concerned with women’s issues, why don’t they make more of an issue of the huge numbers of women who have been out of work since President Obama took office?

Ken Cuccinelli II, now attorney general and the likely Republican candidate for governor, advocates for limited government and personal responsibility. Between being a father of seven (including five girls), standing up at the University of Virginia for sexual-assault victims and fighting human trafficking, it’s clear that Mr. Cuccinelli does not have an anti-woman agenda.

The real war on women is being waged by Democrats who have no desire for a rational argument on women’s issues.

Donna Widawski, Haymarket, Va.