Regarding Sally Jenkins’s Feb. 22 Sports column, “Williamson injury shows NCAA isn’t worth the risk”:

The NBA, not the NCAA, is the culprit behind the all-too-common “one-and-done” practice in college basketball. Zion Williamson had two choices when he finished high school if he did not intend to seek a college degree: take an athletic scholarship just for a year or forgo his sport in a big-time setting. He chose college; nobody forced him.

My view is that if you aren’t in college for the education, you should go right into your profession. And no large, complex organization is without shortcomings, including the NCAA. But blaming the NCAA for NBA labor rules makes as much sense as blaming Congress for the dilapidated state of the New York subway system. If Ms. Jenkins wants to help young athletes such as Mr. Williamson, a better place to start is focusing the blame where it belongs. 

Terry W. Hartle, Washington

The writer is senior vice president of the American Council on Education.