Bob Turley’s obituary [“Pitcher won Orioles’ first home game, played for Yankees,” Metro, April 2] brought back a memory from 1954. On the day of the Baltimore Orioles’ home opener (and the first game at the new Memorial Stadium), I was a sophomore at Johns Hopkins University. The stadium was seven blocks east of my dorm, and I wandered over to see the excitement. After the game started, out of curiosity I approached a large group of police officers with their motorcycles. In the center of the group was a well-dressed gentleman. He spotted me and asked if I liked baseball. “Sure,” I said. He then gave me a ticket. I ended up watching the game two rows behind Vice President Richard Nixon. When the gentleman gave me the ticket, he said, “Always remember that . . . gave you this ticket.” Of course I almost immediately forgot his name.

Robert McDonough, Gaithersburg