As someone who became vegetarian at age 12 — and more recently vegan — while living in a household of meat-eaters, I was thrilled to read the June 13 Local Living article “Living with a little vegetarian.” Casey Seidenberg’s urging of parents to respect their child’s decision to stop eating animals is refreshing in a society that, unfortunately, pushes kids to eat a diet heavy in meat, dairy and eggs.

I’m incredibly thankful to my parents for responding supportively to my decision to eat a plant-based diet. In fact, my family so fully embraced my dietary shift that our relationship strengthened as we bonded over cooking together, discovering new foods and learning about the health benefits of meat-free eating. Now, even though I’ve moved away from home for college, my parents still opt for healthier and more humane foods. Indeed, recently they proudly told me that they feel so much more energetic that they’re transitioning to a vegan diet.

Alessandra Seiter, Takoma Park

The writer is an intern with Compassion Over Killing.