Jim Jones [“Democrats’ uncomfortable past,” letters, March 28] followed the oft-stated but misleading modern-day Republican line that the GOP was the party of Lincoln and “that they remain so.” In offering this, he noted Southern Dixiecrats’ opposition to the civil rights movement. He’s mostly wrong.

Yes, the Dixiecrats were opposed to integration, but so was the southern Republican Party (and, even more so, the national Republican Party). Richard Nixon’s “Southern strategy” was designed to pull the Dixiecrats into the Republican Party in service of building a bigger GOP base in the South. In that, Nixon was hugely successful, as we can see today in the Republican dominance of Southern politics. The GOP has not been “the party of Lincoln” for well more than 100 years.

Norman Michael Harman, Harpers Ferry, W.Va.

We all should recognize that racism in this country is and always has been a national problem, and we should stop pointing fingers at one party or the other. Racism is still with us and forever will be until we come together to end it.

Malcolm Lloyd, Fairfax