Mourners carry the body of 19-year-old Palestinian Iyad Jaradat, who was killed by Israeli troops, on Tuesday. (Mussa Issa Qawasma/Reuters)

Regarding the Oct. 25 Sunday Opinion commentary “A Zionist case for boycotting Israel”:

Purporting to love Israel so much that they would make it a pariah state, Steven Levitsky and Glen Weyl ignored the brutal realities of the Middle East. They did not mention the dangers Israel faces from the north (a fanatical and well-armed Hezbollah backed by an increasingly emboldened Iran), the east (a growing presence of the Islamic State and a teetering Jordan) and the south (a lawless Sinai overrun by terrorist groups linked to al-Qaeda and other Islamic radicals). They did not mention that previous Israeli withdrawals from Lebanon and Gaza have resulted in Israeli civilians living under constant threat from missile attacks and terror tunnels. They did not mention that, at least twice, Israeli prime ministers have offered the Palestinians a state in the West Bank but been rejected. They did not acknowledge that the vast majority of Israelis would gladly relinquish control over the Palestinians if peace were durable.

The writers’ “love” for Israel would be somewhat believable if they admitted the obvious: Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank and a subsequent independent Palestinian state would result in a truncated Israel under greater threat.

For the sake of their lofty ideals, Mr. Levitsky and Mr. Weyl are willing to use an economic weapon to bring Israel to its knees. That’s not progress; that’s going backward about 70 years.

Benjamin Shull, Rockville