Regarding the March 10 editorial “A grand bargain on the menu”:

It may take more than an “asparagus marmalade” to woo the Republicans to consensus. Recall how for the past five years (including the 2008 campaign) Republicans were told all their babies were ugly. The jamming-through of the early Pelosi-Obama agenda is the main reason for the rise of an opposition tea party, which now stops the Republicans from moving forward. The nation has divided and sunk, spiritually and fiscally. We never elected John Boehner, Mitch McConnell or Harry Reid to lead the nation.Leadership, then, is the president’s mantle to embrace.

One politically timely dinner is not enough. President Harry S. Truman’s famous “buck” stopped at the same desk now occupied by President Obama. Time to lead. Consider breakfast, lunch, dinner, jawboning — whatever is needed to lift the Washington malaise. It’s what we expect from our president.

Craig L. Wilson, Lusby