Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh. (J. Scott Applewhite/AP)

Regarding the Aug. 12 news article “New Kavanaugh memos released”:

The most critical quality of a Supreme Court justice is his or her willingness to support all of the Constitution, not just the portions that suit his or her political objectives. It is my understanding that Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh is on the record as stating that he feels that sitting presidents should not be subject to investigations. However, the Constitution includes the ability of the House to impeach the president and the Senate to try the president on those charges. But how could an impeachment and trial be done without an investigation to ascertain the facts? Any such impeachment and trial without an investigation of facts would be nothing more than a partisan “kangaroo court” or a “witch hunt” (whichever term you prefer).

So it seems to me that Mr. Kavanaugh, by saying that sitting presidents should not be investigated, is really saying that he does not fully support impeachment of a sitting president, which means that he does not support the entire Constitution. This disqualifies him for a position on the Supreme Court.

Virginia Merrill, Vienna