The May 13 Economy & Business article “U.S. deficit balloons to a record $738 billion in April alone” pointed out the deficit for this year could exceed $4 trillion, largely because of spending in response to the pandemic, but partly because of decreased tax revenue. 

It’s clear increased spending is needed, but deficits are reaching alarming levels. Despite concerns about needed relief for individuals and the states, almost no push has been made by Democrats for a significant source of revenue to help provide such aid: a wealth tax. Significantly, polls found this tax acceptable to most voters.

The truly rich are in little danger of financial suffering. Even a modest 1 percent wealth tax would help blunt escalating deficits when spending is essential to reduce pandemic effects, especially for lower-income individuals. It could even be implemented for a set period to get support from reluctant Republicans.

If not now, when? 

Philip S. Church, Fairfax