Regarding the Sept. 15 letters about American University Professor Adrienne Pine breast-feeding her daughter in front of her students:

Ms. Pine should be celebrated and applauded for breast-feeding her child, even though at least one student became offended.

The reason some young people are shocked by this profoundly beautiful act is because they lack an understanding of the extraordinary importance of nursing a child. If more of our children grew up seeing this most natural function in a public setting and were instructed in its life-affirming benefits, both physiological and emotional, we would be a much better society.

It is appalling that Ms. Pine’s actions have been questioned. Would the offended student have Ms. Pine run to the nearest lavatory and cover herself and her daughter with a sheet while nursing?

We must support, celebrate and affirm women who choose to nourish their young by breast-feeding. In doing so, we are also nourishing and protecting the next generation.

Lisa Fallin Paddock, Camp Springs