Regarding Royce Hanson’s Sept. 30 Local Opinions piece, “Is Clarksburg on the verge of another development disaster?”:

I have been among those strongly advocating to ensure that opportunities exist for Clarksburg residents to get the services they have long been promised. That said, balances must be achieved to provide this development while protecting environmentally sensitive areas of the Ten Mile Creek watershed.

Residents who moved in over the past decade were promised a lifestyle that included shops and places for the community to congregate. Those amenities have yet to appear. But within the past year, opportunities began to present themselves — some proposed within a Special Protection Area surrounding Ten Mile Creek. In 2010, the Ad Hoc Water Quality Working Group presented two options for opening up the creek area. One was a change to allow water and sewer service — with conditions. The other was a master plan amendment. Since then, no movement has been made on either option.

I believe that the Montgomery County Council has an obligation to bring much-needed services while making sure the creek is protected. Over the past two years, I have worked with the Clarksburg community toward delivering what was promised. Our progress will lead to a grocery store in Clarksburg Village and road projects that would have been otherwise stalled for years by a lack of funding.

We must make some difficult decisions to see Clarksburg grow and thrive as the town that residents were promised. And we must start making those decisions now.

Craig Rice, Germantown

The writer, a Democrat, represents the 2nd District, which includes Clarksburg, on the Montgomery County Council.