Regarding the June 15 Metro article “Calvert won’t expunge record of boy with cap gun”:

I guess that the Calvert County school officials who permanently stigmatized a 5-year-old for bringing a toy gun onto a school bus forgot their own childhoods. When I was a kid, my friends and I spent our time playing cops and robbers, soldiers, or cowboys and Indians. We ran around pointing fingers at each other (or a toy gun if we had one) and shouting, “Bang! You’re dead!” That’s what little boys do.

This little kid was just acting like a little kid. Children that age have the attention span of a walnut, and they tune out orders from adults. The fact that another child or children got scared is not a valid justification. Part of childhood is learning to cope with fears.

I hope this dumb decision to permanently mark this poor little kid’s record is promptly reversed.

Paul S. Forbes, Silver Spring