Thanks to The Post for calling for the state of Maryland to review the tragic death of Ethan Saylor, a young man with Down syndrome who died while being restrained by off-duty Frederick County sheriff’s deputies because he refused to leave a movie theater [“ Shining a light on 2 deaths ,” editorial, Sept. 8]. The comments of the attorney representing the sheriff’s department attempting to shift the blame to Mr. Saylor’s family were unconscionable.

I am a parent of a man with a disability. I have worked all his life to equip my son to live, work and recreate in the community, as is his right. Now do I have to worry that, if he displays unusual behavior in a public place, he may die at the hands of law enforcement, whose mission is to protect the public?

Mr. Saylor’s family, and all Marylanders, deserve an unbiased accounting of what really happened that day.

Susan Goodman, Olney