I agree with Elden Carnahan’s suggestion of an “Appomattox Day” as a national holiday to coincide with opening day for baseball [“How to celebrate opening day,” letters, March 2], but as co-owner of Hollywood Ballroom in Silver Spring, I take exception to his comment that “we’d never miss” New Year’s Day as a holiday. Indeed, we would.

New Year’s Day is a holiday for three good reasons: It celebrates the start of a new year and all its hopes and dreams. It helps to build the momentum that we need to survive the two most unfortunate months of the year, January and February. And it provides time for rest and relaxation after the previous evening of celebration, merriment and, at many places, dancing into the wee hours. New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are the only universal, worldwide party holidays. What a buzz kill it would be to do away with the New Year’s Day holiday.  

Does anyone really want to go to work after staying up until 4 a.m. the night before?

Richard Zierdt, North Bethesda

Here’s an idea: How about making the first home game of the Washington Nationals’ season a night game? That way, fans might need to leave their offices only an hour or so early to see the game, instead of having to take an entire day off. They could probably make up that time easily, and people who do business with the federal government would not have to delay their business for a day.

Sheila L. Cohen, Chevy Chase