Regarding E.J. Dionne Jr.’s May 23 op-ed, “Graduation lessons”:

While Mr. Dionne chastised Catholic bishops for “feed[ing] the distorted media narrative about what the church believes,” he himself is guilty of that offense. He said those who protested House Speaker John A. Boehner’s selection as Catholic University’s commencement speaker wanted to remind the speaker and others of the church’s teaching about “government’s responsibility to promote social justice.” Wrong.

While the Catholic Church as an institution has promoted social justice for 2,000 years and done more to feed and clothe the poor than all the government’s programs combined, it does not confuse individual responsibility with government policy.

Certainly, every Mass includes prayers for the protection and increased wisdom of our local and national leadership. But at every Mass, Catholics are instructed to act individually and collectively as a Christian community to serve the poor, who Jesus said will always be among us.

Shirley Theimer, Annapolis