Regarding the Feb. 26 front-page article “New pitch would make baseball’s opener a holiday”:

I’m all for a paid holiday in that long, cheerless stretch between Presidents’ Day and Memorial Day, when we also have to do our taxes and pick up the dethatching rake after a winter of sloth.

But if we want to memorialize something beyond millionaires playing catch on the grass, why not have Appomattox Day to mark the end of the Civil War, assuming we could get enough votes from southern states? Since that event was on April 9, we could make it the first Monday in April, and Major League Baseball could make that its opening day.

If Congress wishes to cancel another holiday to make room for Appomattox Day, take New Year’s Day, which has no civic or historic meaning, is entirely self-referential and comes only a week after Christmas. We’d never miss it.

Elden Carnahan, Laurel