Did Petula Dvorak go to the same Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary event that I did? [“A feast where turkey is a companion, not an entree,” Metro, Nov. 20] She mentioned “fruit” when her kids asked about dessert but left unmentioned that the dessert tables were filled with cakes, cookies, brownies and all sorts of traditional desserts — all vegan — that her kids would have loved. (Yes, there was fresh fruit, too.)

It is also a shame that Dvorak’s husband was so narrow-minded that he begged for Taco Bell beef burritos instead of enjoying the dozens of terrific vegan dishes that were available to choose from. The idea that a meal must contain meat or dairy has never been true and is even less so now, in the age of factory farms and global warming and our understanding of nonhuman animal intelligence, as well as the cornucopia of delicious vegan meals drawn from every cuisine of the world.

Hopefully Dvorak’s children will grow up with a better understanding of vegan cuisine. Letting them savor the amazing dessert tables at next year’s event would be a good place to start.

Michael Gurwitz, Silver Spring