Rather than quoting “Star Trek,” a more apt saying to begin Michelle Singletary’s Aug. 17 Color of Money column, “Telecommuting saves money — but let’s keep it honest,” would have been “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

Singletary, a telecommuting columnist, misinterpreted the Post article she referenced [“Agency masks telework abuses,” front page, Aug. 11]. How did she get “thousands of telecommuting patent examiners had lied about their hours” from “some of the 8,300 patent examiners, about half of whom work from home full time, repeatedly lied about the hours they were putting in”?

Still, I can’t entirely blame her for misinterpreting the article. If The Post hadn’t been so focused on sensationalizing the story, it might have highlighted the conclusion from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s inquiry that the time fraud accusations were unsubstantiated.

From the mistake in Singletary’s column, one must wonder how closely The Post reviews the quality of its telecommuting employees’ work.

Maria Nicholson, Vienna