It is a given that, as we age, life becomes more difficult and frustrating in many ways. I used to do crossword puzzles and occasionally even managed to complete them. There are two reasons I have gradually given up this enjoyable challenge. First are the usual changes that have crept into my old head, especially when it comes to all categories of names. And second, it is the seemingly endless advances that, in the course of the past four or five decades, have changed our lifestyle and introduced a whole new vocabulary into our language.

I miss working crosswords, but I would like to commend The Post for introducing Jumble Crosswords, a similar eight-word puzzle that appears daily in the left lower corner of the first page of the comics. It provides us with four horizontal and four vertical clues, followed by the disorderly letters that make up each of the words. I solve it every day, and it makes up for not doing the crossword.

Leo A. Orleans, Washington