I was amazed that The Post’s Dec. 25 editorial “Christmas” could entirely neglect to mention the significance of the Christmas story. For The Post, it is “a story of love and triumph over adversity and also of humility, of the good to be found in the most modest of circumstances” and “the simple account of a family, far from home, seeking shelter for the birth of a child and seeing in that child hope for a new start and a better world.” This could apply to any family away from home in modest circumstances undergoing the birth of a child, but the true significance of Jesus’s birth story is that he was prophesied to save the world.

This is a religious dimension. You don’t have to believe that he saved the world, or try to determine what kind of “creature of God” he was, or even comment on the kind of life he lived. However, to suggest that this “tale” has universal appeal and still remains in the popular consciousness because of how it is described is absurd.

Oliver Easterwood, Springfield