Bob Drury and Thomas Clavin have conceived of a brilliant resolution to the dilemma of what to rename the Washington Redskins [“Rooting for the Washington Red Clouds,” Outlook, Nov. 3]: Red Cloud, the 19th-century Sioux leader and tactically gifted commander of Crazy Horse, is the perfect future icon for the Washington football team.

Hopefully, team owner Dan Snyder will appreciate the beauty of their suggestion and make the change. If not, perhaps fans, tribal leaders and the media can succeed in “cloud-sourcing” the final push for a name change. Hail to the Red Clouds!

David Fago, Washington

How can Bob Drury and Thomas Clavin be so insensitive to the issues surrounding the Washington professional football team’s name? The mascot and American Indian images that would accompany such a moniker as Red Clouds would only add to the horrific stereotyping of Indians in sports. Aren’t the Atlanta Braves, with the tomahawk chop, the Cleveland Indians, with their ridiculous Chief Wahoo logo, and other such teams already too much?

Dolph Lee Hatfield, Washington

Warriors has been suggested as a name for Washington’s football team, as a tribute to our wounded warriors. The Outlook article “Rooting for the Washington Red Clouds ” recommended the name Red Clouds as a tribute to an Indian leader. Either would be an excellent choice.

Team owner Dan Snyder could score some great publicity by naming the team the Warriors for two reasons: as a tribute to our wounded warriors and to the Indians who also were warriors. He could probably even keep the logo.

Pepper Guzman, Silver Spring