George Will’s Nov. 28 op-ed column, “Pardon these turkeys,” turned out to be interesting, but Mr. Will couldn’t resist a nonsensical blast at those who realize we are heading for climate disaster.

“It evidently is the first science to reach the end of its subject, all questions answered,” he declared. But it is the deniers who have this position; climate scientists emphasize that nothing is 100 percent certain, but that 95 percent should be enough to have people worried.

The person whom Mr. Will had declaring this was not a scientist. She is a magazine writer who has the freedom to say what scientists can’t — a freedom the know-nothings exercise all the time.

Further, the predictions of an unusually high number of hurricanes this year wasn’t made by climate scientists but by people concerned with weather events. Weather is short-term; climate is long-term. Climate scientists go out of their way to repeat that no single weather event can be immediately tied to climate change. They say only that climate change makes such events more likely.

As for Mr. Will’s umbrage at the Los Angeles Times saying it will no longer publish letters denying climate change, why should a newspaper run material it knows not to be factual?

Myron Beckenstein , University Park