Larry Kudlow apparently was surprised to learn that his British-born friend of nearly 40 years, Peter Brimelow, runs a white-nationalist website called [“At birthday party, Kudlow hosted a publisher of white nationalists,” front page, Aug. 22]. Mr. Kudlow also claims to have been unaware of the recent dismissal of Darren Beattie from the White House, reportedly because of Mr. Beattie’s appearance at a forum that included Mr. Brimelow. Do we want someone as clueless or disingenuous as Mr. Kudlow to be director of the National Economic Council?

It also seems the height of hypocrisy that Mr. Brimelow’s organization prefers restricting immigration to so-called traditional immigration — or, in other words, white folks — when his website is named after Virginia Dare, the first English baby born in what would become the United States of America, and who must have been America’s first anchor baby.

Jeanne Maushammer, Charlottesville