Regarding the Dec. 23 front-page article "Trump change":

I am reminded of another hemispheric authoritarian's need to symbolically force his country to take a knee and accede to his wishes to change a country's iconography. In March 2006, the Venezuelan National Assembly acquiesced to President Hugo Chávez's wishes and voted to change that nation's flag and national shield to reflect the leftist ideology of Chávez's "21st-century socialism." Chávez alleged that the white horse on the nation's flag and shield was a "horse that had been tamed and looked to the right towards the past . . . and is not an indomitable horse, but a reactionary symbol." Chávez urged the National Assembly to "rescue Bolívar's horse so that it may gallop to the left."

President Trump's tasteless and gaudy changes to the presidential "challenge coin" are similarly symptomatic of his need to self-identify as the nation's savior.

Warren Bratter, Greenwich, Conn.