Regarding the March 23 front-page article “Yes, no, limbo: How a college chooses its students”:

Kudos to George Washington University for allowing a reporter to observe the inner workings of its admissions process. I had to laugh, however, when the admissions officers claimed they weren’t favoring male applicants — while conceding that they note when an on-the-bubble candidate is male.

Colleges have valid reasons for favoring men. Freshman classes that are overwhelmingly female lead to multiple problems, including in housing and social relations. But when colleges hide that bias — and nearly all do — they also keep the lid on exposing the serious problems boys are having in our K-12 schools. As someone who has researched and written about this topic for years, I’ve concluded that our school leaders won’t fix these problems without pressure from parents, and this secret bias by admissions committees keeps parents in the dark.

Richard Whitmire, Arlington