I chuckled when I read Dan Goldstein’s response [“A comics-page education,” Free for All, Sept. 8] to William Wishard’s suggestion [“Where Doonesbury belongs,” Free for All, Sept. 1] that “Doonesbury” be moved from the comics page to the editorial page.

As for Mr. Goldstein, “Doonesbury” was part of my political education of the 1970s, just as “Pogo” was for generations from the late 1940s through the mid-1970s. However, The Post carries another strip that neither gentleman referred to: “Prickly City.” Whereas “Doonesbury” has an obvious left-leaning bent, “Prickly City” has an obvious right-leaning bent.

Even many of the other comics have, on occasion and some more frequently than others, wandered into political and/or religious themes, including “Peanuts” and “Blondie.” Comics are a reflection of our times, and the comics are for all ages. I would hope that anyone, child or adult, can distinguish the differences among the comics and benefit from the entertainment, and sometimes thoughtful provocation, they provide — be they simple humorous observations or satire.

Mike O’Dell,