Since competitive eating is one of the more disgusting fads in recent years, I was disappointed that The Post would publicize it [“Ready, set, gorge!” Weekend, Feb. 17] and then provide a list of eateries willing to host such a pointless indulgence. If obesity is a real problem, then why make a celebrity out of a man who can eat 60 hot dogs in 12 minutes? When so many people in the world are hungry, I wonder what any one of them would think while watching a person trying to eat a four-pound burrito in less than 45 minutes.

Michael Hoyt, Silver Spring

What kind of global catastrophe is it going to take for The Post’s staff to take a consistent stance on the future of the planet? The article in the Feb. 17 Weekend section on eating competitions certainly made mine rise — my gorge, I mean. Just for starters, eating competitions are an insult to the many millions who go hungry, and to the planet in general. Are you actually trying to hasten the world’s demise?

I will spare you my unoriginal reaction thinking of Somalia, if only because I don’t know if today’s mothers have an equivalent to “the starving children in China” as a lame incentive to get their children to finish their food. Lame to kids, but oh so true. This is what happens when you bury world news in the middle of the A section and highlight the articles that pander to the lowest common denominator.

In this particular case, what I don’t understand is that The Post regularly features articles on global warming and the unsustainability of the first-world way of life. I understand that there is a need for relief from the depressing stuff, and I have read dozens, if not hundreds, of your “fluff pieces,” sometimes with pleasure, sometimes with a roll of the eyes.  But gorging? What’s the difference between that and the decadent feasting habits of the patricians of ancient Rome? (Hint, the most famous one involves the use of a feather.) O tempora, o mores . . .

Nadia Toplosky, Kensington