Regarding the Sept. 29 article “Despite protests, Confederate battle flag rises along I-95”:

Every few years, heirs to the defeated forces of the “late unpleasantness” decide to show their patriotic fervor and wave the flag of rebellion. The Confederate flag is a symbol of an attempt to destroy the United States, an attempt that claimed hundreds of thousands of lives.

There is no honor to be remembered. The individuals who went to war against the United States did much damage to it and their own states for a cause that was unjust then and remains so now. Civil War history should not be denied, and facts of the Confederacy’s efforts should not be whitewashed into some “glorious past” but remembered as an attack on the United States for its efforts to preserve a more perfect union. The Confederate flag is a sad fact of history to be kept in a drawer, not to wave in the air of a free land.

Thomas Bower, Washington