Regarding George F. Will’s Dec. 8 op-ed, “Rubio joins the anti-capitalist conservatives”:

Mr. Will need fear not. When the excesses of the free market become apparent to all — witness that the top 1 percent now owns more wealth than the bottom 90 percent combined — an occasional conservative will feel a pang of conscience and the need to speak up that something is clearly amiss. That doesn’t make them anti-capitalist, only human. Talk is cheap.

Recall then-President George W. Bush had a go at much the same with “compassionate conservatism.” No one knew quite what it was, but it sounded good, as though the president really cared. Perhaps he did. But I would argue that the truth was much closer to what then-Prime Minister Tony Blair said to the British Parliament in 2005: “The only difference between compassionate conservatism and conservatism is that under compassionate conservatism they tell you they’re not going to help you, but they’re really sorry about it.”

When it soon comes time to throw people off the food stamp program, where will Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) stand? Will he be “really sorry,” or is he prepared to take on President Trump? Is there any doubt? For Mr. Rubio, as well as most conservatives, there’s always plenty of money for the rich — witness the tax cuts — but never quite enough for those in need. Mr. Will’s beloved free market will be quite safe from Mr. Rubio and his fellow “anti-capitalist conservatives,” rest assured.  

Ed Rader, Alexandria