This week, in our Washington, D.C., backyard, Corey Stewart, defender of the Confederacy and a Donald Trump on steroids, won the Republican Senate nomination in Virginia.

The neo-Nazi, white-supremacist commentary website the Daily Stormer had this to say on the day after Stewart’s victory: “We are in charge now. The jig is up. This is the party of TRUMP the SAVIOR OF KOREA and DESTROYER OF CANADA. We’re also not tearing down anymore statues.”

Continuing: “You rushed that, Jews. You rushed it way too hard. Everyone knows that Thomas Jefferson and George Washington owned slaves, and everyone saw your next move as you try to pull apart America piece by piece. No dice. We are picking up the remaining pieces and rebuilding America as a WHITE FREEDOM COUNTRY.”

Noting that Stewart probably won’t win against Democratic Sen . Tim Kaine, the Daily Stormer concluded that Stewart’s GOP primary victory “is still very important as it shows that the conservatives in Virginia would prefer a RIDE OR DIE candidate supporting our great Confederate heroes rather than some Paul Ryanesque scumsucking [expletive].”

Fresh from his trip to Canada, where he ripped his britches at the Group of Seven summit, and Singapore, where he got snookered by Kim Jong Un, President Trump added his voice to the Daily Stormer’s, tweeting congratulations to Stewart while taking a shot at Kaine — “a total stiff . . . who is weak on crime and borders, and wants to raise your taxes through the roof.”

However, unlike the Daily Stormer, Trump said Stewart has “a major chance of winning.”

Let’s hope the Daily Stormer is right and Trump is wrong. Stewart is a mean, nasty man and a walking train wreck.

Championing the Confederacy is the centerpiece of his campaign, along with demagoguing immigrants.

His fawning over Confederate monuments is nauseating.

My family — great-grandparents and their families in Culpeper, Va. — lived under the Confederate flag that Stewart honors. I found their names enshrined in records of the Culpeper County courthouse. They are listed among the property owned by white plantation owners with the surnames Colbert and Rixey. My family members were individually appraised and assigned monetary value along with the plows and land and animals that belonged to the slaveholders.

 People of my bloodline were not free to come and go in Stewart’s Confederacy. The monuments that he and his patron Donald Trump revere are dedicated to those white men in Ol’ Dixie who fought and died to preserve the system that kept my folks in bondage.

So, no, I don’t value what could come with a Stewart victory. The thought of him in the U.S. Senate — doing Trump’s bidding, lionizing generals who led a bloody war against the Union, fear- mongering (“Stop our great nation from being overrun by illegal aliens and the crime, drugs, human trafficking, poverty and misery they bring with them,” says a Stewart news release) — is galling.

I’m sickened by the prospect of Stewart crossing the Potomac to join forces with the party of Trump on Capitol Hill to Make America White Again.

We shouldn’t stand by and let it happen. Some of us sat on our hands, and butts, in 2016 because the Democratic presidential nominee wasn’t pure as the driven snow or stainless as a steel pipe. She had backbone and a better mind than her opponent, but that wasn’t good enough for the true believers. Didn’t work out so well, did it?

This time around, there should be a better outcome. Corey Stewart foreshadows what’s to come if Virginians don’t keep him out of Washington. Corey Stewart is only a river away.

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