Courtland Milloy’s Dec. 17 Metro column “Tragedy isn’t always distant or fixed in media’s eye “ about 23-month-old Kodie Brown’s painful suffering and serious injuries from a gunshot wound and the horrible loss of her mother was indisputable and heartfelt. Milloy goes on to mention the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School and the terrible loss. Unfortunately, he later writes, “A kid shouldn’t have to live in, say, Georgetown for the city to be outraged.” I find this statement unnecessary and insulting.

Can’t he write a column without statements that encourage division in our city and denigrate areas where everyday residents go about their daily lives? Sections of our city should not be unduly criticized because of the level of income or color of residents in order to get the point across. Rapes, muggings, thefts and murders also occur in “up-scale” neighbors. I know of an 85-year-old woman in Glover Park who was knocked in the head during a purse snatching as she exited her apartment just off of Wisconsin Ave. on a Saturday afternoon.

Shirley Johnson, Washington