In his recent column asserting the “lawlessness” of the Obama administration [“Obama’s tapped-out trust,” op-ed, May 19], George F. Will attempted to rewrite history in regard to the Iran-contra scandal. Iran-contra was a conspiracy to sell weapons (paid for with U.S. tax dollars) to the Islamic Republic of Iran in an attempt to appease Hezbollah terrorists and to use the proceeds to finance a military insurgency against a democratically elected government in Nicaragua. This wasn’t about “using private funds”; it was about stealing from the U.S. arsenal and using the money for purposes specifically prohibited by Congress.

If Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.)and Mr. Will want to compare the actions of the Obama administration to Iran-contra, they need to point to a crime or crimes, as were committed in Iran-contra. They have not done so.

John Heath, Annandale

I found it ironic that George F. Will cited social scientists in his May 19 column to support the notion that preschool is of little benefit, yet, in the next paragraph, he continued to ignore the findings of climate scientists and repeated his claim that global warming is not happening. Just because each year is not warmer than the one before does not mean that the well-documented warming trend does not exist.

Chris Jewell, Burke