I’m glad The Post carried Daniel Ellsberg’s important piece about Edward Snowden’s dismal chances had he stayed in the United States [“Snowden was right to run,” op-ed, July 8]. But The Post has published little about the legal situation Mr. Snowden would have faced if he were here (and may yet face, should he return).

The laws have been changed so thoroughly since Sept. 11, 2001, as to make Mr. Snowden’s defense impossible. Every bit of evidence would be deemed “secret,” and he and any other involved person would be under gag orders or simply locked in solitary confinement. And this would all be legal under the provisions of the ridiculous laws passed in the name of saving our freedoms. This should be the subject of front-page stories.

I hope Mr. Snowden finds a safe and comfortable place to continue his effort to inform the American public. Too bad the U.S. media, including The Post, are too intimidated by the national security apparatus to actually cover this fully and honestly. Good for Mr. Ellsberg.

Susan Wallace, Washington