I am outraged at the Danziger political cartoon The Post printed April 20 [Drawing Board]. This cartoon is one of the most offensive things that The Post has ever put in the newspaper.

Everyone knows that the gun-control legislation was not about senators and representatives keeping their jobs and planning for their retirement. It was about an infringement on Second Amendment rights guaranteed by the Constitution and placing a law on the books that some people thought might have prevented the tragedy in Newtown, Conn. Of course, the law would not have prevented the tragedy; all the guns used were duly registered by the mother of the shooter.

Every member of Congress, and everyone in the United States who is sane and has a heart, feels bad about what happened. I realize that publishing the cartoon was intended to sell more newspapers and impose The Post’s point of view, but to do so on the heads of the Newtown children is disgusting. Is there no level to which the editors and writers will not stoop?

Jeanne Brennan, Lewes, Del.

There’s going to be a lot of flak about Danziger’s cartoon, but let’s face it: He’s giving us the whole truth about this ongoing circus on Capitol Hill, and most Americans understand that.

Helen Toni,