The March 27 article “Social science struggles for data on effects of same-sex parenting on children” stated: “Amid the legal arguments at Tuesday’s Supreme Court hearing on same-sex marriage, there loomed a social science question: How well do children turn out when they are raised by gay parents?”

The answer is: They turn out just as well as children raised by heterosexual parents, according to our exhaustive examination of the broad range of social science research on the topic, which was the foundation for our amicus briefto the Supreme Court.

The Post quoted the Heritage Foundation’s Jennifer Marshall as saying, “In the case of same-sex households, there is not yet evidence that [children] are going to be the same. There’s every reason to believe that different family structures will have different outcomes.” This could not be further from the truth. While gay marriage is fairly new in the United States, same-sex parenting is not. Social science research consistently and incontrovertibly has shown that parents’ sexual orientation has no bearing on children’s well-being.

Sally T. Hillsman, Washington

The writer is executive officer of the American Sociological Association.