In her July 5 Sports column, “Only constant is inconsistency,” Tracee Hamilton quoted Nationals manager Davey Johnson on why he moved shortstop Ian Desmond up in the batting order: “I don’t know. Because I’m supposed to do something.”

Students of leadership and management might consider examining Johnson’s final season from a rhetorical perspective.

A sample of Johnson quotes reported by The Post over the past few weeks:

●“I didn’t even explain it to [outfielder Jayson] Werth. He’ll figure it out that I’m an idiot.”

●He considered trying to get ejected, “just for old time’s sake or something.”

●“I don’t have any answers. Just kind of nothing. Can’t get nothing going. It’s putting me in the loony bin.”

●“I know for sure the Lerners [who own the Nationals] are going to be very happy that it’s my last year.”

●“I’m having a bad year. I’m not doing my job properly.”

●“Hey, I’ve been terrible. Horse bleep.”

And this nonverbal reaction to getting rained out two straight nights: “Manager Davey Johnson beamed. The weather had provided a break for his beleaguered team.”

Even if this season ends up a bust and not at the World Series, Davey Johnson will finish his managerial career with many notable achievements. Rhetorical honesty might be at the top of the list.

Howard Mortman, McLean