Regarding the April 18 letters “Trashing the District’s image”:

In none of the comments or letters that I saw in response to the April 14 Metro article “Taking the bloom off the blossoms” was there any suggestion that visitors to the Mall should adhere to the backpackers’ credo: Leave no trace . In other words, whatever you take in you bring out. If everyone did that, there would be no need for even one trash can.

William Richards, Westminster, Md.

Well, the cherry blossoms have come and gone, but one District mainstay that appears to be going nowhere are the shantytowns set up under bridges by the homeless. My issue isn’t so much with the folks who set them up and live in them as with the D.C. government and either its willingness to turn a blind eye or its misplaced priorities.

Hey, don’t get me wrong: I’m happy the folks at the Wilson Building decided I needed two brand-new trash cans. Unfortunately, I can’t help but think that money could have been used to clean up areas that really need it. Like under our bridges.

Todd Anderson, Washington