Regarding the Jan. 31 editorial “Dying outside the firehouse”:

I am sympathetic to the family of the man who died after he didn’t receive help for an apparent heart attack despite being across the street from a fire station. However, I must speak out for the many wonderful fire and rescue squads that come to the aid of city residents every day.

For the first time in my 84 years, I found myself in need of such aid after suffering a badly broken leg at sunset in Battery Kemble Park in Northwest. I was almost a mile down a trail I have walked with my dog countless times, and there I was in potential danger because of the cold weather. But District personnel responded swiftly to my wife’s 911 call. They carried me on a stretcher uphill through the ice and snow for about a mile, figured out which hospital had my doctors on staff and delivered the whole kit and kaboodle with real professionalism, not to mention some wonderful acts of kindness that reflected the sparkle in their eyes.

My wife and I will never forget those who came to my aid. We are sure they stand for the majority of these dedicated public servants. Imagine what they went through, without complaint, carrying me so far while also reassuring my wife and dog. But they just said it was all in a day’s work and went off to answer another call. Bless them.

William F. McSweeny, Washington