In his July 15 Metro column, “ Bicyclists explain what drives them to the sidewalk ,” John Kell y wrote, “I realize that most cyclists are generally law-abiding, just like, it must be conceded, most drivers.”

Presuming that law-abiding drivers obey all traffic laws, I rarely see a law-abiding driver. I almost never see a driver come to a full stop before making a right turn on red. “Full stop” means the vehicle is not moving; many drivers don’t even slow down. Too many drivers don’t use turn signals; if they do use turn signals, they wait until they arrive at the intersection before turning the signals on. The purpose of a turn signal is to let others know what is going to happen. I drive on Interstate 270 and the Beltway often, and rarely do I see a driver going less than 70 mph. I have concluded that there is no such thing as a good driver.

Gordon F. Brown, Bethesda