On Nov. 9 shortly before 2 p.m., while driving on Interstate 295 South at the East Capitol Street exit, another motorist cut me off. To avoid a collision, I turned my SUV toward the curb, which caused the vehicle to flip and come to a stop upside down. An off-duty MPD policeman stopped traffic so that my wife and I could crawl out of the damaged vehicle. He took care of us until fire and rescue professionals arrived. That wonderful officer turned us over to on-duty police officers, who were equally expert. Neither of us was injured.

My letter is one of gratitude to the dedicated police, fire and rescue personnel who serve the public in the District. They calmed and protected us during one of the most traumatic events of our lives. We salute them for their service and thank the city for employing people of such high caliber. Every action taken by them was outstanding.

Bob Parsley, Crofton