Regarding the Oct. 21 Metro article “In Md., support for D.C. as state”:

Maryland would be making a huge mistake in allowing the District to become a state. Originally, Maryland and Virginia ceded 100 square miles of territory for the purpose of providing a capital city for this country. In the 1840s, Virginia petitioned the federal government to return its portion of the district to Virginia, and it was retroceded in March 1847. That land is now one of the main drivers of Virginia’s success and prosperity, including the Pentagon and dozens of other agencies. Maryland, too, could create a driver of prosperity by petitioning for the retrocession of its portion of our national capital. It would be difficult to see how the government could refuse that request given the retrocession to Virginia. The District could easily be made an incorporated city in Maryland, as is Baltimore, because it already has its own infrastructure, including mayor, council and all the various needs of a city, such as departments of police, sanitation, etc. The District as a separate state would be a detriment to Maryland.

The District is becoming prosperous, and that will continue with government workers and new corporations moving in. Maryland will become poorer as the District becomes richer. But if the District were part of Maryland, we would prosper together. Petition for retrocession, Maryland!

Hugh M. Mealy, Annapolis