Regarding the May 28 Metro article “Speed cameras keep clicking away”:

In the District, the speed limit is 25 mph on many streets. Revenue, not safety, is clearly the primary concern for D.C. officials when choosing the locations for speed cameras. In Montgomery County, the speed-camera fine is $40 for going 47 mph where the speed limit is 35 mph. In the District, the fine is $100 for going 36 mph where the speed limit is 25 mph. In Montgomery County, the punishment is understandable for speed cameras near schools. What school is at K Street NW and the 24th Street bridge?

Why not allow higher speeds in the District on more four-lane roads in areas where there are no children or pedestrians? And why not remove speed cameras from these locations? A $100 fine for going 36 mph is excessive.

As a Montgomery County resident, I am likelier to select a restaurant in Bethesda or a performance at Strathmore when I know that there is a chance of a $100 surcharge if I venture into the District.

Geza Serenyi, North Potomac

I could not help but wonder if the District ever considered that 305 incidents a day suggests that the speed limit on the underpass below Washington Circle may be inappropriately low. It would seem apparent from the number of tickets issued that the speed limit does not reflect the actual driving conditions.

While I understand the need for speed limits, artificially set speed limits produce more of a problem (for drivers) than they solve, unless, of course, the speed limit is only a pretense for taxing a population rather than working to ease traffic congestion or providing public safety.

Derek T. Havens, Mason Neck

The article on the lucrative K Street NW speed camera really hit home with me. I was ticketed at that exact spot returning to Virginia after spending time at the National Geographic Museum and having lunch at anearby restaurant with my wife. As one could see from the picture in the paper, this is a four-lane divided highway heading downhill underneath a bridge. Generally, a four-lane divided highway will have a speed limit of at least 40 mph. A 25 mph speed limit at this spot is not warranted.

My wife and I try to visit the District at least three or four times a year, attending a Kennedy Center event, a Nationals game or a museum. I will not be visiting the city nearly as often as I have. Perhaps the District can use my $100 fine to pay for unemployment compensation and fund other social services for its citizens.

I am sure others feel as I do. As the old saying goes, no one raindrop believes it caused the flood.

Jerry Gordon, Hamilton