Regarding the May 6 Metro article “3 unlocked houses in Northwest burglarized”:

The Post missed an excellent opportunity to highlight a significant problem with the District’s 911 system. As the article mentioned in passing, a woman who found a man in her house was “desperately trying to get through to a 911 operator on her cellphone” but “nobody picked up.”

After witnessing a horrible car crash May 5 on Interstate 295 in the District — where a car going in the opposite direction flew through the air and flipped a half-dozen times before landing on its roof in a ditch — I immediately called 911. At first it rang and rang and no one picked up. Then I called back and was immediately put on hold. I sat on hold for 15 minutes before I was able to talk to an operator. 

This type of response is unfathomable and will result in people suffering and dying because of delayed emergency response. I shudder to think if that had been my family or someone I loved in that car. The city should address this problem immediately.  

Amy Roma, Alexandria