Regarding the Feb. 24 editorial “Dying at the firehouse door”:

Do D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray (D), Fire and Emergency Medical Services Chief Kenneth B. Ellerbe and the D.C. Council remember the senseless 2006 death of my friend David E. Rosenbaum, which stemmed from the incompetence and uncaring attitude of D.C. emergency medical personnel? The Rosenbaum family ultimately dropped a lawsuit against the District in exchange for an agreement that, among other things, EMS training and procedures would be brought up to acceptable levels. I hope the family is considering reinstating its suit.

Not long after Rosenbaum’s death, I suffered a serious head injury in North Cleveland Park. The EMS driver and attendant did not know how to reach Sibley Memorial Hospital from there — the nearest hospital at perhaps two miles away. I had to direct them while lying in the back of the ambulance bleeding severely. Upon arrival, the attendant dropped the stretcher I was on.

How much incompetence and apathy, how many deaths and serious mistakes will it take for city leaders to manage this agency responsibly? The mismanagement and lackadaisical attitude have gone on for way too long.

Barbara Dinsmore, Washington